Editorial Services Guide
By The Bay Area Editors' Forum

Author and Editing Credits

The material contained on these pages is adapted from the 1997 print edition of the Forum's Editorial Services Guide and Membership Directory.

Directory Editor and 
Production Coordinator:

David Featherstone
Writers: Toni Murray and Cathy de Heer.
Copyeditors: Pamela Clark, Brian Cooke, Joe Curran, Kristi Hein, Kate McKinley, and Joan Saunders.
Print edition adapted to 
the Web:
John Boykin, Zawadi Olatunji, Kim Hughes, and Karen Asbelle.
Editorial Proofreaders: Bettina Anderson, Bonnie Britt, Naomi Brokaw, Lisa Carlson, Zipporah Collins, David Couzens, Mary Heldman, Fran Kelly, Susan Kostrzewa, Todd Manza, Linda Rahm-Crites, and Ann Whitesell.



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