Ergonomics for Editors Revisited

Ergonomics for Editors Revisited

November 15, 2001
Notes By Gina Kazmarek

Learn to use your body at the computer pain-free! The Body at Work teaches simple exercises and movement habits to help you avoid eyestrain and also recover from eyestrain, muscle aches and pains, and repetitive strain injuries. The Body at Work team consists of Hilary Bryan, Certified Movement Analyst and professional dancer, and Claudia Singer, Certified Massage Therapist and Movement for Self-Healing educator and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.

They specialize in group ergonomics' training and individual work station analysis that includes simple improvements along with suggested movement habits and equipment fitting.

View the outline of the presentation.
See the posters at Unfolding the Sitting Body.

For more information, visit The Body At Work.



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