Upgrade Your Skills

Upgrade Your Skills at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

January 20, 1998
Notes By Bonnie Britt

Computers have changed publishing more than any event in world history, says John R. Riera. He briefed BAEF members at the January meeting on opportunities to update computing skills.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers offer one free eight-hour class worth $225 to all new students, said Riera, an account executive.

Although the company does not yet offer classes in FrameMaker or RoboHELP, which some employers of technical writers and editors require, New Horizons does have a range of training opportunities in the most popular word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphics, and web-authoring programs for Macintosh and Windows computers.

The company offers classes at beginning through advanced levels in Microsoft Office 95 and 97 and one- day or two-day courses in HTML, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and PageMaker, among others.

Riera also told us that if 10 potential students request training in a particular program, such as FrameMaker, and also supply New Horizons with the program, the company will train the group on two weeks' notice.

The firm has developed partnerships with leading software companies and does testing for proficiency and expert certification.

In the Bay Area, New Horizons offers classes weekdays and Saturday in San Francisco and Walnut Creek. The company does not advertise, Riera said, but offers free classes with the hope that satisfied clients will come back and also refer colleagues. Package deals allow clients to take all classes in a given area of interest for prices ranging from $995 to $1,295.

The classes are guaranteed: A client who has not mastered the class material may return anytime within six months to retake it free.

Riera said his e-mail crashed soon after he met with BAEF and so he was unable to answer more than half of those who contacted him by e-mail. If you've not heard back, call.

New Horizons' client accounts are divided among account executives according to where they live off the bay. If you live in the East Bay, Riera said call his counterpart, Allison Haugland (510-933-9955 Ext 2838) at the Walnut Creek office. You will likely be referred to Haugland's assistant who will schedule your class, according to your choice, in either San Francisco or Walnut Creek.

Use the directions on the back of the course schedule. Classes start promptly and move quickly, covering lots of material. Do not be late, as you might not be seated.



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