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Bay Area Editors' Forum

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About the Bay Area Editors' Forum

The Bay Area Editors' Forum is an association of freelance and in-house editors working in a variety of publishing and publications settings. Our members edit books, magazines, newspapers, computer documentation, multimedia presentations, scientific journals, educational materials, and business communications, and they work at every stage of the editorial process.

Founded in 1989, the Editors' Forum is the oldest association of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area and completely supported by a volunteer administrative team. Though a few of our longtime members live outside California, with approximately 300 members, we are the largest, not-for-profit association of editors in the Bay Area.

Membership is open to anyone with an active professional interest in editing. Annual dues are $15. Periodic member forums are held in San Francisco and in the South Bay.

We believe editing is a distinct craft and vocation, and we seek to support both the profession and the people in it. Through our educational member forums, we provide opportunities for professional development and mutual support.

The Bay Area Editors' Forum also serves as a clearinghouse for a range of editing-related jobs, and we distribute employers' job listings to our members who request this service.

We offer each independent BAEF member an individual page on our site where they can fully describe their freelance editorial services to those seeking editorial assistance.

Our signature document, The Editorial Services Guide, describes the type of services editors can provide.

2023 Officers
Karen Asbelle
SF Program Coordinator
Marilyn Schwartz
South Bay Forum Coordinator
David Couzens
Forum Summary Writers
Volunteers needed
Discussion List Moderator
Frank Nettleton
Forum Correspondent
Hilary Powers
Leximation, Inc.
2003-05 Chair: Bonnie Britt
1997-98 Chair: Lisa Carlson
2002 Chair: Mary Heldman
1996 Chair: Virginia Rich
2001 Chair: Hilary Powers
1995 Chair: Sara Shopkow
2000 Chair: Henry Robb
1990-94 Chair: Jill Fox
1999 Chair: Bonnie Britt
1989 Founding Co-Chair: John Bergez

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Many members help—as officers, rate-survey committee members, meeting note-takers and writers, and as "volunteers at large"—with dependably wise ideas (and good contacts). These include Dawn Adams, Geneviève Duboscq, David Featherstone, Heidi Garfield, Sandra Gary, Kristi Hein, and Hilary Powers.

Web site and graphic design by Kim Hughes, with editing and proofreading on a range of tasks by a growing cast of gracious volunteers, including: Susan Kostrzewa, Susan C. Greene, Heather Hutson, Judy Vorfeld, Zawadi Olatunji, Diana Young, Ann Whitesell, Carol Rhodes, Marchelle Brain, Jeannie Lerner, Rick Coykendall, David Couzens, Sudha Putnam, Sherry Siegel, and Naomi Brokaw.