Michael Mohr
Michael Mohr, Professional Book Editor
San Francisco, California
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Website: http://www.michaelmohrwriter.com


Professional developmental book editor, published writer, and former literary agent’s assistant. I know the book editing process from the reading, writing, agent and publishing sides of the coin. Developmental editing focuses on structure, plot, ARC, character, dialogue, logic, voice, transitions, etc, and makes sure to address all relevant points regarding your manuscript. I’ll help you understand what is working, what isn’t, why, and how to fix your story problems.

I attend and teach at writers’ conferences all around the country, from Oregon and California, to Canada and New York City. My latest client is Christian Picciolini, whose memoir, WHITE AMERICAN YOUTH, was published by Hachette Books in December, 2017. He has been interviewed on 60 Minutes, Megyn Kelly, NPR, Sam Harris, and many more. Check him out: www.christianpicciolini.com

Please check out my website: https://www.michaelmohrwriter.com/

Email me: michaelmohreditor@gmail.com

Michael Mohr




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